3 days kibale rain forest national park drive

Kibale is one of Africa’s foremost research sites. While many researchers focus on the chimpanzees and other primates found in the park, others are investigating Kibale’s ecosystems, wild pigs and fish species, among other topics.

Kibale is famously known for Chimp tracking but also a home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the chimpanzee.


Traveling from Kampala or setting off from Entebbe international airport being picked up by Darkhills representatives to the west of kibale rainforest national game park.


Silent and smooth drive through kibale rainforest national park for early morning chimpazze tracking and swamp walk through the long natural swamps of kibale. 


Day three is specifically for thicket natural bird watching through the kibale thick woods and lastly insect exploring plus research carried out on the African Golden monkeys in the wild apart from the chimps.